Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning and Electromechanical services.

Gas Chill’s core objective is to provide the most revolutionary environmentally friendly energy supply techniques, not only in Egypt but the MENA region.

Who we are

Untethered innovation. Unlimited expertise. Unwavering reliability.

we are revolutionizing the district cooling and air conditioning industry with our untethered innovation, unlimited expertise, and unwavering reliability. We were founded in 2006 with the belief that all clients, no matter their industry or size, should have access to sustainable, innovative, and reliable cooling services and electromechanical solutions that meet both their operational and financial needs.


What we do

Gas Chill applies the “one-stop” concept in its operations.

Our diverse portfolio of services ensures our customers’ needs are met. We are a interrogate DCS company devoted to delivering tailored services to best fit the demands of our customers.

The design, implementation, and maintenance of district cooling solutions that are tailor designed for each client, their needs, and their preferred financial model.

Gas Chill provides one-stop-shop solutions for electromechanical contracting that are tailored for every client’s business and industry-specific needs.

Efficient energy use is one of the key benefits of our systems. We integrate sustainability and efficiency in our system design and implementation of our products and services, from waste to energy systems, such as cogeneration and trigeneration to reduce CO2 emissions, boost efficiency, and reduce costs to the use of natural gas as a source of energy.

We have carefully selected partners who are global leaders provide absorption chillers to the local market. Kawasaki Thermal Engineering and ROBUR.

manufacture the world’s best-in-class equipment and integrated solutions in the industry

A concession is granted from the public or private sector to provide district cooling services to the end users. In this arrangement, Gas Chill would bear the provision of the capital expenditure, design, engineering, build, maintain and operate of the facility for medium and long term agreements up to 25 years. In BOOT model, the facility is transferred to the owner after the concession agreement is expired.



District cooling offers a promising solution to build sustainable communities and address climate change. By harnessing natural resources and renewable energy, it can reduce energy consumption, cut costs, and promote energy security. To unlock its full potential, a holistic approach to planning, design, and monitoring is necessary.


Global Partners

Who are Gas Chill global partners?

Gas Chill’s partnerships with internationally renowned providers of absorption chillers Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE) and ROBUR have positioned the company to offer clients best-in-class chillers, with capacities ranging from 5 TR to 1,000 TR per unit for industrial, commercial, and residential applications across the region.



Cairo Festival City – New Cairo

Design & Build of District Cooling Plant serving the city in collaboration with Allied Consultants...

Americana District Cooling Plant – Sheikh Zayed

Construction of a plant with a cooling capacity of 1,700 TR using Kawasaki Absorption Chillers to serve Arkan buildings...

Misr University of Science and Technology

Construction, Operation & Maintenance of District Cooling Plant to serve the University Hospital, Theatre and Academic Buildings, with a total capacity of 5,000 TR using Kawasaki Absorption Chillers...

Arkan Mall – Sheikh Zayed

Construction of a plant with a cooling capacity of 1,700 TR using Kawasaki Absorption Chillers to serve Arkan buildings (offices and commercial area)...

Four Seasons Hotel Extension (Utility Island)

MEP works at the Utility Island serving cooling, heating, electrical power, and fuel systems for the new extension (guest rooms, villas, restaurants, and ballrooms)...

Americana New Cairo

Construction & Maintenance of a plant with a cooling capacity of 720 TR to serve Americana’s outlets & offices...


News room

A sneak peek from our participation in the 5th HVAC-R EGYPT 2021 International Exhibition and conference for Heating, ventilation, Air Conditioning Under Patronage of the minister of Electricity& Energy.

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Cooling Technology by Natural Gas “Gas Chill” hosted a high-level delegation from the Danish embassy and leading District Cooling industry pioneers at Cairo Festival City District Cooling Plant on the 15th of Sep., 2021.

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Gas Chill was honored to participate in District Cooling Day 1st Panel Discussion & Technical Seminar which was held at Grand Nile Tower Hotel on 16 October 2021 organized by @Ashrae Pyramids Chapter

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Gaschill represented by Mr. ihab Yousry Mansour, C.E.O , is participating in the Middle East and North Africa District Cooling Projects Conference held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from June 14-15, an exclusive conference that brings...

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